Breitbart rising

Andrew Breitbart has introduced a new component to his rapidly expanding new media network. The media-savvy conservative has unveiled, a website featuring – often in biting and satirical terms – the expanding largesse of the federal government.

One of the biggest pieces on the new site is an unbelievable (well….maybe it is believable, considering its subject) video of ACORN employees advising a prostitute and politician how to set up an international prostitution ring and funnel the money into a congressional campaign. This is must-see. (And I won’t embed it here because I want you to check out the site for yourself).

Kudos to producer James O’Keefe and his partner Hannah Giles on this project. It’s hard to believe ACORN could maintain credibility after something like this, but we know legacy media outlets will suppress this to the degree they feel they have the discretion to do so (think Van Jones and the NYT).

I continue to like what I see from Breitbart. He started out – as far as I know – with his no-nonsense news page running wire stories, which was often used by Drudge (wonder if that was coordinated or what). Then I started to hear him guest host some radio shows and was pleased to learn he’s an astute conservative commentator. Then he launched Big Hollywood, and somewhere along the way started “Breitbart TV.”

Keep up the good work. This is the type of innovative, mixed-mainstream/conservative work we need to win on the new media landscape.


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