What are Van Jones’ credentials?

Besides being a foul mouthed miscreant and left wing agitator extraordinaire?

I mean, his official job title is “Special Advisor for Green Jobs” in the White House Council for Environmental Quality. Has Van Jones ever studied economics? Has he ever studied the environment? In any kind of scholarly way?

Or is his take on these issues entirely formed by his own political ideology? Perhaps his nomination to the post was the Kathleen Sebelius type. She was appointed to head HHS with no medical or scientific background whatsoever.

We know he went to Yale for law school and graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin (studying what I’m not sure, I haven’t come across that info…it may have been journalism).

So what are his credentials for this significant post in the Obama administration? And – this is a shocking suggestion, I know – could it be that Obama’s agenda on the environment (particularly the notion that environmentalism is key to economic growth) is not first and foremost about science, but political ideology?


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