Van Jones and Barack Obama: two peas in a pod?

Check out this article by Chip Johnson in 1999 from the San Francisco Chronicle (courtesy Drudge). Documented is Van Jones‘ efforts to organize a rally in support of convicted cop-killer and perennial lefty favorite, Mumia Abu-Jamal.

That may disturb some – the family of Daniel Faulkner, for instance – but what may be equally disturbing is the fact that the agitators intentionally staged their  protest to blot out positive publicity of a separate event that day prom0ting dialogue between police and local youth.

In other words, Van Jones was more interested in rabble-raising than pursuing constructive relationships between law enforcement and the community.

Then there’s this clip of Jones criticizing the San Francisco Police Department, which I discovered on the Ella Baker Center website (we’ll see how soon these archived clips down…I’m surprised they’re still up there at all). Jones is talking about some spoof videos that SFPD members produced that were allegedly insensitive to minorities, women, gays and the usual victims.

I haven’t seen those videos so I can’t pass judgment on them, and Jones may be entirely correct to denounce them (interestingly, they don’t actually show much of the actual videos in question, display portions of their transcripts or describe their contents), Yet what is telling is his strident condemnation of the department at large and reflexive reversion to canned language of attack rhetoric like “frat boy mentality” to describe police.

These two incidents reflect an attitude, through word and deed, that really reminds me of Obama’s reflexive and admittedly ignorant attack on Sgt. James Crowley of the Cambridge, Massachusetts police department in July. Obama was more diplomatic of course, and his comments were limited so the comparison is of two things of a different scale. Nonetheless, similarities remain: a reflexive, ingrained anti-police bias and presumption of racial animus on the part of law enforcement.

Considering Barack Obama‘s manifold dubious associations over the years (Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Frank Davis, Rashid Khalidi, et al), is it a surprise that a radical and toxic figure like Jones is working for the White House? Or would the greater surprise be if a radical and toxic figure like Jones was not working for this White House?


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