Fan: meet Van

As I predicted, the Van Jones story has exploded overnight. Drudge has at least five links of Jones-related stories today, and a picture of the man at the center of the controversy (only a select few stories merit a pic on Drudge). Jones is Barack Obama‘s so-called “green jobs czar.”

Jones has already responded with a non-apology apology (for the a–hole comments, I believe) and a non-denial denial (of his truther involvement), and White House spokesman Robert Gibbs has had to weigh in. So the administration has officially responded to the building momentum, which validates the story and adds a development to report on (not that they had a choice). Van Jones has officially hit the fan.

Fox News and a handful of blogs led the way, and respected beltway publication The Hill has joined the coverage along with the Washington Times, ABC and Politico.

So far, the White House is standing by Jones. But will he become too much of a distraction for the administration to keep him in place, especially with Obama’s poll numbers falling as he faces major communications challenges on key agenda items?

From fan to the can, it’s time to get rid of Van.


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