Prediction: Van Jones gone by Monday

Charles Krauthammer (of the Washington Post), Mara Liasson (or National Public Radio) and Steve Hayes (of the Weekly Standard) appear on a Fox News panel and all concur that Van Jones will likely be gone by Monday. Watch the video at Real Clear Politics.

Will they be right? Team Obama had a lot of problems vetting appointees and nominees early on after the inauguration. Their mistakes are now haunting them once again. They may make a strategic decision to dump Jones before this picks up real steam. That would not only be the most appropriate practical outcome, but probably the best strategic move for the WH at this time, in my view.

On the notion of a politically radical conspiracy theorist like Jones serving at high levels in the administration, Krauthammer said it well on the panel:

“Here is a man who signed on to a petition demanding several investigations of collaboration of the Bush administration with the worst massacre of Americans ever committed on American soil. Now, that is beyond extremism and radicalism. That’s psychotic paranoia, it’s a malignant kind of politics. And you’ve got to ask yourself in the White House, if you didn’t know he’s a truther, then you’ve got to ask him to politely resign. And if you did, is that acceptable in the government of the United States?”

Interesting that he uses a term like “psychotic paranoia.” Krauthammer is a Harvard trained MD who once served as “chief resident in psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital,” according to the Washington Post.

I figured there would start to be comparisons between truthers and birthers (and whoever coined the term ‘truthers’ may have intended that…if the term was even developed recently; maybe it’s been around for a while, I don’t know). The obvious difference is that while both sides have their fringe elements, Obama installs his in high levels of governance.


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