KC school employees will pick up paychecks in person

The Kansas City Star reports today that city schools superintendent John Covington is having all employees of the district pick up their paychecks in person next month. The move comes amidst concerns that some people are still receiving paychecks who are actually no longer employed by the district.

This reminds me of the scene in Office Space where the consultants (Bob & Bob) discover that Milton (stapler guy) was fired a while ago but due to a glitch in accounting, still receives a paycheck (so he keeps showing up for work).

Covington has a tough job, and I don’t envy the task of managing an unwieldy bureaucracy and fighting school district political battles. He made the right call on this, and should be commended.

Now, maybe this is a bit cynical of me to wonder, but will the teachers union oppose this?

I couldn’t find the Bob and Bob meeting where they talk about “fixing the glitch” that allows Milton to still get a paycheck, but this scene is just as funny.


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