Breitbart on Ted Kennedy, Michael Jackson

More brilliance from Breitbart. From the piece:

“Our country was not built to support blood dynasties or to elevate the rich and famous to a higher ethical or constitutional plain. But through the power of celebrity, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Jackson worked the media to twist truths. They manipulated their constituencies and fans to obscure their misdeeds. They played the faithful to confer this manufactured innocence on the rest of us. And, in the end, they placed themselves above the law.”

“Forty years have passed since Chappaquiddick. Immediately after the accident, Mr. Kennedy scrambled to organize the best and brightest to save his career, rather than to save the life of 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne.”

…”Upon the deaths of Mr. Jackson and Mr. Kennedy, the media continue to erase their ugly backgrounds hoping their eternal celebrity can serve these collective ideals.”



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2 responses to “Breitbart on Ted Kennedy, Michael Jackson

  1. Brian Johnson

    The articles were harsh, but insightful and thought-provoking.

  2. i think you are being a little too harsh on two people who had their flaws but also had a lot of talent, goodwill and an energy to do good for others. Don’t ignore that.

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