Careerists at State push Hillary, Obama to isolate Honduras

According to an anonymous source at Foggy Bottom, staff of the State Department have recommended to Secretary Hillary Clinton that the U.S. declare recent events in Honduras as a “military coup,” according to a Reuters piece today. The move would prevent the Central American nation from receiving $150 million in American aid.

Firstly, this leak is unacceptable. Was it authorized? If so, by whom – the White House? Or by Clinton’s team itself, to make it look in advance as though an impending decision by Clinton was not her personal political judgment, but rather than consensus wisdom of career professionals at State?

Or it was a real leak – someone with an axe to grind, who went to a reporter anonymously, without authorization? Perhaps to pressure the administration to isolate Honduras?

Whatever the identity of the leak, it’s all pretty much the same end game. Whoever was doing it has a problem with the democratic, peaceful preservation of power in Honduras and presumably would rather see a left wing thug like Manuel Zelaya in office. And assuming the source for the story is accurately representing the staff consensus at State, this story is also a disturbing commentary on the mass of career employees at the country’s diplomatic nerve center.

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One response to “Careerists at State push Hillary, Obama to isolate Honduras

  1. Gringo113

    I disagree with the Secretary of State’s attitude about Honduras. It is the poorest country in Central America. The people need the dollars that the USA gives. Obama is a liberal. He does not care about people. His assessment of the situation is wrong!

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