Back in action

Returned home less than an hour ago from a short trip to Chicago. Long drive, and well worth it. The Windy City did not disappoint.

More on my trip later – including a special lecture I attended, hosted by the Booth School of Business Pakistan Club at the University of Chicago, featuring speakers from the National Strategy Forum.

For now – I am exhausted and ready to go to bed.

I will be up in the morning and posting shall resume regularly. It feels strange not to have posted for a couple days. I am eager to resume.


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  1. Brian,

    Chi-town is a fascinating place. I’d be curious to know what the occasion was. We visited back in December, spur of the moment, and were astounded by the subversive culture of change, the fact that everyone seemed quelled in the midst of election hubbub. I’m curious to know the state of affairs there now—if there are distrugntled civilians and saddened soldiers. Every day here, I drive down Ward Parkway and gawk at perhaps 1-3 protests of Obamanomics and all the other newly coined terms of politicos and fear. I sense something wavering, maybe that’s the voter confidence index (VCI)? Is Illinois still holding its head high?

    side-note: It’s curious to me that as agrarian as IL is on the whole, there can even be a place so brimming with Liberalism. Don’t they understand basic economics and morality?!

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