What’s So Bad About Death Panels?

Asks Bill Frezza on Real Clear Politics.

And David Warren of the Ottawa Citizen, also via RCP, says Palin Called a Spade a Spade.

I’ll throw in my two cents today on the “death panel” issue. Generally speaking once you politicize health care – you politicize health care.

Obviously there has to be mechanisms to monitor and control costs, and decisions must be made with cost in mind. I haven’t studied the “death panel” provision closely – apparently it was scrapped – but whatever you label a particular aspect of the bill, of course the government will be involved with end of life decisions, and those decisions will be affected by public budget concerns.

To deny that is misleading at best, and ignorant or disinenuous at worst.

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One response to “What’s So Bad About Death Panels?

  1. Chris Ikenberry

    The end of life counseling is a great example on how politics kills good ideas. It would’ve allowed people to get money to prepare things for their eventual death like living wills and etc. It saves families, money, and just makes someone’s passing a whole lot easier in many facets for many parties. To call it a death panel is outright dishonest and shows a wiliness to swallow any ridiculous ploy from ones own side in this debate. It is disappointing that the critics attack the healthcare bills with lies instead of actual constructive criticism which will better any passed legislation
    If we wanted to save money we would have a single payer system in the works which not only would be much cheaper but would help keep us be competitive in the global economy. By any interpretations of the facts and numbers it obvious that are current health coverage system is corrupt and immoral and the Republicans and blue dogs will fight to keep the status qou.

    1. Healthcare money
    2. They don’t want the Democrats to pass popular legislation
    3. Healthcare money

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