Get the facts on health care “reform”

The Wall Street Journal continues to give the straight facts on health care. This piece explains exactly why regulations like those included by Obamacare (including some already in effect at the state level in some places) are devastating to the private insurance market. Inform yourself – check it out.

This left’s dishonesty about its true intentions on health care (speaking as if they are not intending to bring us closer to single-payer, etc.) is insulting to every American.


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One response to “Get the facts on health care “reform”

  1. Chris Ikenberry

    What dishonesty? Obama isn’t on the left. If he was he would be fighting for single payer. He’s appears to be as much as a shill for big corporations as Clinton was. We should have single payer though, I don’t know how America can stay economically viable without such a system. Obama knows this but he won’t because like all powerful politicians he has debts to repay.

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