Obama-aligned union activists attack citizen

The video below shows (in part or in full I do not know) the assault of Kenneth Gladney. We’ll see what comes of it and try to keep you informed.

What you see happened at a town hall event with Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-St. Louis) – I believe this is the same event where a small handful of people were arrested, and has been reported on by some local press. Gladney was selling small patriotic flags at the event and somehow became the target of SEIU assailants.

This crime must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – Gladney is not the only victim here, because the rights of others to speak out are dampened by every such act of political violence.

The attack by unions thugs comes after President Barack Obama suggested that opposition voices “get out of the way,” and as leading Democrats pronounce that town hall protests as “un-American” and the White House says it is time for advocates of government health care nationalization to “punch back twice as hard” in this debate.

Unfortunately for Ken Gladney, the president’s supporters were only too willing to oblige. This reminds me of the time I was working an election in Valley Park several years ago, and a union member physically threatened a volunteer cacanvasser. Literally blocking the young person’s path, the thug ordered the volunteer to leave the area because this was “a union neighborhood.” Political violence and intimidation is a scourge to democracy,  and must be stopped.

Here’s a development on the story from MOPNS and the Washington Examiner.



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2 responses to “Obama-aligned union activists attack citizen

  1. Brian Johnson


    “but what was on camera was a union guy was laying on the ground and then two guys fell down.”

    I thought that too the first time I watched it. Watch it again if you need to and play close attention. He clearly is assaulted. I’m not putting it past the victim or supporters in such a case to play up the victimhood for political reasons, but I’ve not heard anybody actually dispute that this guy was a victim of union violence for political reasons.

    Thanks for your readership. I wish you the best in your studies!!

  2. Chris Ikenberry

    Come on Brian. Let’s get serious. The truth of what really happenened before the camera started recording is lost now, but what was on camera was a union guy was laying on the ground and then two guys fell down. Whether Kenneth was pushed by the other union guy or was just merely as other union guy says trying to pull Kenneth away from his buddy. Don’t get caught in these cheap political theatrics. The next day the Kenneth who walked around just fine on tape after the fight and was waving down the cops is in such bad shape the next day that he’s in a wheelchair and can‘t speak for himself? Come on. Had this been from the other side you would be ridiculing it right now as you should. This looks like some crap that Sharpton would pull. Now I hear Kenneth doesn’t even have health insurance. There’s some strong Irony in this story which is even more over the top now with Kenneth wanting to file a lawsuit.

    The rhetoric is a little over the top and more so than in the Clinton years.

    P.S. I enjoy your blog even though I obviously usually disagree with most or your postings. I like to see what everyone is saying. You’re a good writer and maybe someday you will move on over to good side. Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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