McCaskill speaks out against more jets for House

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) has joined some Republicans in speaking out against plans by the House to purchase additional travel jets for members and other government officials. Her remarks, reported by the Wall Street Journal, are in line with the former auditor’s record of past concerns about earmarks and other types of government waste.

“The whole thing kind of makes me sick to my stomach,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) in an interview Sunday. “It is evidence that some of the cynicism about Washington is well placed — that people get out of touch and they spend money like it’s Monopoly money.”

Sen. Kit Bond, our senior senator and Republican from Missouri, also went on record opposing the planes purchase.

Whatever McCaskill’s motivations are in objecting to such perks – whether she is genuinely grieved by this specific form of government excess or whether she simply believes raising her voice is good politics – she should be commended for taking the right position here.

Hopefully, some leading Democrats in the House will have the guts to speak up against Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team on this issue.

I don’t often agree with McCaskill, but I’ll give her credit on this issue.

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