Bill Maher: Stupid.

Usually I refrain from name calling, but would it be okay to call Bill Maher stupid? He writes a piece describing the stupidity of Americans, saying this is the reason they should sit down and shut up (I’m barely paraphrasing there) on health care.

Yes, Bill, it’s true that some folks are uneducated, or that the public by and large on certain issues just isn’t well informed at all. Absolutely true. And that’s in part why we have representative government.

But these folks you are bashing for not knowing who America fought in the Revolutionary War, or thinking the sun revolves around the earth….do you think they’re the ones protesting Obama’s health care plans?

I doubt it. But nice try. No, Bill, these folks you talk about in your column are probably your people, in all likelihood. They’re the type of people who would believe, for instance, that your show Politically Incorrect…..was actually politically incorrect, instead of a pantheon to all things PC.

The folks protesting at town hall events in many cases seem to know more than their elected officials about health care legislation being considered. The lawmakers are the ones who haven’t even read they bill. So who are you calling stupid?



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5 responses to “Bill Maher: Stupid.

  1. Brian Johnson

    If I’m not competent to live my own life, I’m quite sure you aren’t competent to live my life.

    “Bring on Socialism.”

    Thank you for being honesty, gotoffs.

  2. The President couldn’t have been more logical, rational, intelligent, and honest in his answers about health care reform. However, people are still screaming that he is going to personally fund abortion and death panels. This is why America needs government intervention; we are collectively too stupid to make the right choice. Bring on Socialism.

  3. Brian Johnson

    You’re obviously a highly intelligent person, gotoffs. I think I’ll avoid debating you for that reason.

    Other than to say that most of the examples of public ignorance Maher cites don’t seem to have anything to do with the “far right.” And “that’s where most of these town meetings are held?” I’m not sure about that. You might want to check your facts. Finally – you never of course respond to my point that many of the people attending the town hall meetings are probably more informed than some members of Congress about this bill – seeing as how none of the latter had actually read the thing as of recently.

  4. Chris Ikenberry

    Stupid? No. Smug? Absolutely.

  5. The folks Bill talks about in his column are seriously mislead by ignorance and comments from the far right. All Mr. Maher does each week is point that fact out.

    There is a large part of the country that is stupid, and these people mostly reside in the south. Funny that’s where most of these town meetings are held.

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