White House wants to know who is dissenting

The White House is encouraging Americans to report fellow citizens who are spreading “disinformation” about the president’s health care plans. The American Thinker writes it up here. Needless to say, this is distrubing.

I’m waiting for Democrats to denounce this – especially those who criticized President George W. Bush’s administration for alleged civil liberties violations.

Is this really happening? Did Obama’s personality cult really post this at http://www.whitehouse.gov – an official government resource – as opposed to simply using the campaign website? The latter would still have been objectionable, but not nearly as menacing.

The purpose is, of course, to collect a bunch of stories, then paint opposition with a broad brush to knock down more straw man arguments.

Here’s something to think about: will partisan apparatchiks personally investigate those who are “guilty” of disseminating unflattering information and viewpoints about attempt to nationalize the health care industry?

If you think this is speculative exaggeration on my part, just consider what state government officials and interest group opposition researchers did to Joe the Plumber and Frank Ricci. Two private citizens who happened to stand in the way of Barack Obama’s agenda; obviously, then, their lives had to be investigated by those seeking to intimidate and destroy.

This is an alarming and twisted tactic being used by Macon Phillips and the communications team at the Obama White House. It must be roundly condemned.


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