Obama losing law enforcement support

It appears that way anecdotally, at least. It would be interesting to see some polling data of law enforcement personnel nationally following President Barack Obama‘s misleading, malicious innuendo against Sgt. James Crowley and the Cambridge, Massachusetts police for arresting Harvard Professor Henry Gates.

By now – via Drudge – you may have seen this CNN video (solid news work here by the network) featuring colleagues of Crowley. They remain strongly supportive of their fellow officer for doing the right thing, and are displeased with the president for jumping to conclusions about the incident.

I’m having trouble embedding the clip, so you can watch the video here. I think what we’re seeing here is the beginning of an at least partial realization by the public that Obama is not the racial healer so many people hoped he would be. In fact, in this incident, he has been the exact opposite.

BTW, more great work on Gates-gate:

[UPDATE: I have moved this piece to the top slot since this post was first published. Breitbart wields a devastatingly sharp pen in this piece. Highly recommended reading.] Obama’s Accidental Gift on Race Andrew Breitbart, Real Clear Politics

Unteachable: The racial grievance industry won’t learn anything from the Gates affair Harry Stein, City Journal (this follows the also excellent City Journal piece by Heather Mac Donald)

A Post-Racial President? Thomas Sowell, Real Clear Politics

Obama knows ‘stupidly’ when he doesn’t see it Mark Steyn, OC Register

And, I haven’t read the following but they look worthwhile, as judged by RCP:

The Mask Slips Melanie Phillips, The American Spectator

What Are Obama & Gates Trying to ‘Teach’ Us? Ruben Navarrette, Real Clear Politics


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