A changed man? Gates used racial slur in college application

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. said of his arrest and ensuing controversy that “this is not about me.” Never mind that his every action and statement has seemed to indicate his belief otherwise.

Now, we learn that Gates has long harbored antagonistic views towards White Americans. In his application to Yale, he wrote:

“As always, whitey now sits in judgment of me, preparing to cast my fate. It is your decision either to let me blow with the wind as a nonentity or to encourage the development of self. Allow me to prove myself.”

Gates is accomplished man who has worked hard to achieve success and notoriety. He didn’t start out with many advantages in life, with perhaps the exception of a present, gainfully employed father.

However, he does seem to harbor some resentment towards Whites and animosity towards institutions he perceives as being tools of a White establishment (the university, the police, etc.). Some people might say this is understandable, given his background growing up as  Black American in West Virginia. Unfortunately, it’s unhelpful in furthering the enormous progress our diverse nation has made towards racial equality and harmony.

Post Script: The AP piece which documented the racial slur provided a good deal of relevant and detailed biographical information, but at times seem to border on sycophancy. It read as if the writer, Hillel Italie, was earnestly penning a public relations expose for a client who needed some good press).


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