“Promoting Racial Paranoia”

Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute‘s City Journal has written one of the best pieces I’ve seen yet about the Gates incident, published yesterday in National Review Online (via Real Clear Politics).

She writes that Obama has lent credence to harmful myths about racial profiling which actually make crime fighting more difficult in inner city neighborhoods, and thus negatively impacts minority populations. This is an excellent piece by someone who knows her stuff.

This is also a great reminder for me that I need to be checking in with the Manhattan Institute more often. People often first think of Heritage and AEI when it comes to conservative think tanks, but MI has got to be one of the best centers out there. Serious while hip. Scholarship sans arrogance. Relevance. These are all good things for a think tank.

Not to say I agree with them on everything – they’re probably more lenient on illegal immigration, for example – but they’ve got a lot of credibility, in my book. Cheers.


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