President to address nation on health care

Turn on Fox News (or your cable channel of choice) at 7:00 p.m. CST to watch President Barack Obama address the nation regarding health care.

Unfortunately, the president has taken to making misleading statements about his own plan (such as the notion that private insurance won’t be adversely affected) and knocking down mere strawmen opposition arguments (as if the alternative is doing nothing). It could be interesting this evening however, so I’ll be tuning in.

Incidentally – amidst the politics of this debate, we just haven’t seen enough detailed discussion and honest criticism of this. You know – the actual bill that’s been introduced.

Admittedly, even the president isn’t actually familiar with some sections of the bill, but it might be good to actually look into. Surely that wouldn’t be a problem if it’s really the greatest thing since peach cobbler.

The president and leading Democrats know the public won’t see it that way of course, which is why they don’t want to allow lawmakers, the media and the public to be aware or fully understand what’s in there.

This is a potentially shameful moment for representative government. But let’s not give up hope just yet. A full and fair discussion will likely bring this bill to defeat.


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