From Wizard of Oz to man behind the curtain

Fun, insightful short piece by Pete Wehner at Commentary, via RCP. A couple of the money lines:

“All the campaign’s promises — about practicing a new brand of politics, finding middle ground, embodying hope and change — seem so old, so dated, and so cynical. …

The great and mighty Oz isn’t quite what his admirers said he was. The curtain is being pulled back, one week at a time, one policy at a time, one revelation at a time.”

Somebody said that health care could by Obama’s Alamo. With the political capitol he should have at the beginning of a first term after a solid electoral victory along with strong control in two houses, if Obama can’t get health care through now, then yes, it could be his Alamo.

The longer this fight drags out, the more out in the open it is, and the more political and partisan the debate is seen to be by a cynical public, the greater the chances are of Obama going down on this and being weakened permanently in the process.


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