Palin the gift that keeps on giving (for Democrats)

Sarah Palin. What could have been? Perhaps we’ll never know.

I don’t mean to pick a fight here or poke a finger in anybody’s eye, but I think the conversation about Sarah Palin is important. As long as there are a lot of folks out there in the Republican Party who remain convinced that Palin is the greatest thing since sliced bread, well, there’s some friendly persuasion that needs to take place. The conversation is important not just because Palin remains politically relevant for the time being, but because there will be other Palins in the future.

Gov. Sarah Palin seems like a terrific individual and an accomplished woman. She’s the type of woman whose authenticity and personal dynamism has probably attracted her many friends over the years, and many personal admirers. She even possesses beauty in addition to these other traits, and that – whether feminists recognize this or not – makes her something special, enhancing her unique appeal as a person.

Yet, all of these things do not translate into adequacy as a policy maker or political executive. They don’t hurt, and in fact they could be in great service to her as a candidate and public servant, but they are not sufficient in and of themselves. It takes seriousness. It takes thoughtfulness. It takes a level of intellectual devotion to ideas to lead a successful and sustainable movement that alters positively the future of the country. And Sarah Palin has not demonstrated this sort of psychological character.

I like Sarah Palin. That probably distinguishes me from 90% of her critics. I merely want to point out to movement conservatives and the Republican Party at large that she might be a bright shiny star, but notwithstanding her Arctic origins, she’s no fitting kind of North Star.

The articles continue to come out every day on Palin, and I’ve cherry-picked a few for you from the past week or so. Obviously, there’s hyperbole in some, and I don’t agree with every point of analysis or identify with the spirit of critique of some others. Nonetheless, I’ve become convinced that Palin is not the right choice to represent our party as its next nominee, and thus I want to amplify some of the arguments that are being made against her, something I may continue to do as long as this debate continues.

We’ll Always Have Wasilla, Paul Waldman, The American Prospect

A Farewell to Harms, Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

Sarah Palin’s Bizarre Bombshell, James Antle, The Guardian

In Sonia vs. Sarah, GOP is Doomed, Margaret Wente, The Globe and Mail


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