Ohio hate crimes?

Here’s a challenge to reporters. Find out and report on what the hate crime statutes – if any – are in the state of Ohio, the city of Akron, and Summit County. Will they be applied in the Marty Marshall case? Should they be?

Hopefully, suspects will soon be arrested and charged in this disturbing case.

UPDATE: The Akron Beacon Journal is reporting that the FBI has been asked to join the case. And amazingly, that Al Sharpton‘s group agrees that an investigation should go forward (although it doesn’t seem Sharpton saw fit to comment personally). Additionally, a fund has been set up to help fund the victimized family. Looks like there could be much more ahead.



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7 responses to “Ohio hate crimes?

  1. Nquest


    Also, FYI…

    Detective Sgt. Scott Lietke, who went to the scene that night and continues to lead the investigation, said he heard nothing from the victims or witnesses about the teens shouting, ”This is our world” or ”This is a black world.”

    He said the comments, which he learned of only after reading the victims’ accounts in the Beacon Journal, are now being investigated by police and the FBI as evidence of a possible hate crime.”

  2. Nquest

    Brian said: “It’s possible the police simply didn’t ask about that, or didn’t choose to record it.”

    That’s not a valid response to my question. The news articles show the police as saying “they first heard about [Marty’s hate crime claim] in the news” — i.e. the Marshall’s didn’t report the hate crime scenario when officers first took their statements.

    Hmmm… And it’s funny how discrepancies in the Gates incident, plus an utter lack of understanding of what Sgt. Crowley’s job was, has you taking sides, again, on shaky grounds. The storyline about Crowley being a racial profiling instructor yet, somehow, not knowing how to diffuse a situation that should have been Racial Profiling/Community Policing 101 alone suggests that Crowley had some serious problems “doing his job” that had everything to do with how he reacted. That’s without including what Mass. case law has to say about what constitutes reasonable and lawful arrests for disorderly conduct.

    Crowley’s own expertise in racial profiling should have rendered Gates’ supposed race-baiting moot (supposed because we have the blatant discrepancy between the caller saying she said nothing about “two Black men” but, somehow, that language showed up in Crowley’s report). Crowley, especially given his expertise, was supposed respond to even the most in your face race baiting in a professional manner, not a personal one.

    So you sided with who for what reasons, again?

    Anyway… Any new developments in the Marty Marshall case?

  3. Brian Johnson


    It’s possible the police simply didn’t ask about that, or didn’t choose to record it. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t have been included. Seems like it should have been. Just because it wasn’t doesn’t mean the report contradicts later statements by the victim. It simply just wasn’t included. I’m not “siding” with anybody here, other than Justice for the victims and perpetrators.

    In the Gates incident, I sided with a police officer doing his job and against an arrogant, race-baiting professor doing his.

  4. Nquest

    Brian, what’s up with the discrepancy in what police say the victims reported when police took their original statements and the hate crime allegations police say they first heard about in the news?

    It seems like you side with the police in the Cambridge (Crowley v. Gates) situation. Are you pro-police in the Marshall case as well?

  5. Brian Johnson

    Police are still investigating, and there have not been significant developments, it seems.

    Here’s a recent news article from the Akron Beacon Journal:

  6. Nquest

    Got any updates on this case, Brian?

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