More video, 911 call from hate crime victims

ABC News 5 of Cleveland, Ohio offers a report on the Akron incident, including recording of a 911 call:

As I’ve been covering in recent posts, Marty Marshall and his family were allegedly attacked by a large group of black youth recently in Akron. Coverage has been sparse so I will try to post any new hard news reports that do surface on this story.

For the record, let me say now that I’d be surprised if the originally cited number of “50” youths is accurate. It’s easy to over estimate numbers of people, especially in the moment when you are being surrounded by attackers. If you carefully watch Marshall’s language and delivery in this and another interview, and read his quotes in the few articles that are out there on this, it’s conceivable that he’s prone to exaggeration.

Just wanted to get that out there now instead of later. Nonetheless, there’s no reason not to believe the basic thrust of his story.


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