Interview with Akron hate crime victims

Kathleen Cochrane of Fox 8 News in Cleveland, Ohio has interviewed the family who was allegedly attacked by a large gang of black youth after an early Independence Day celebration last month.

Watch the complete interview here.

Fox 8 deserves credit for its coverage of this story, given the curious paucity of media attention surrounding the event. According to Akron resident Marty Marshall, his family was attacked by a large group of teenagers who shouted “This is a black world!”

A Google news search as of this evening produces merely seven relevant hits on the phrase “Marty Marshall.” A new story is now slowly but definitively emerging from the original incident – the national media’s decision to ignore this event.

Without a doubt any similar hate crime in which the racial roles were reversed would have been fanned into a major incidence of national import by the media. Yet, because the respective races of victims and perpetrators do not fit a politically correct story line, the story is ignored.


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