Palin not impressing serious conservatives

There are some who will attack Sarah Palin no matter what, there are some who will defend her no matter what, and then there are the rest of us.

In my initial reaction to her resignation, I outlined what I believed – and still believe – to be the bad politics of the decision. And I’m not just offering my analysis of the potential political fallout. I personally believe it was a poor decision, regardless of the ramifications on presidential politics.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s excellent take on the matter. George Will is not impressed, and neither is Charles Krauthammer. The political class at large was stunned at the announcement. Serious, thinking conservatives (and by that I do not mean to surreptitiously imply “establishment” Republicans or “moderates”) are generally not impressed, it seems.

To the degree that they are defending Palin (witness Bill Kristol), it seems to be in a very calculated, cautious, political manner. Rush Limbaugh, a man I will always admire , unfortunately, I think has taken a “circle the wagon” approach when it comes to criticism of a conservative star like Palin. She’s attacked by a lot of people for a lot of wrong reasons, so he feels the need to protect her even from valid criticism, to the point of not even offering his own criticism (that I have heard, at least).

Anyway – we’ll continue to see things shake out on this. The more I think about it, the more I tend to solidify my perspective that this was indeed a poor decision, and an ill-fated one. It’s really too bad, because the woman truly does have a lot going for her.


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