Palin shocks Alaska, nation, resigns as governor

I’m thinking, once again, that I need an old typewriter to work on. A typewriter doesn’t freeze and delete the work you’ve just finished, as just happened on my laptop. Plus, I love the tapping of the keys.

I haven’t the spirit to attempt to rewrite this in full, so let me summarize my reaction to the Sarah Palin‘s resignation as Governor of Alaska.

This was an incredibly foolish decision.

  • Most directly, it opens her up to criticism of not finishing the job. She sought and received the trust of the people of her state to serve for four years. Now, she chooses not to honor that commitment.
  • It deprives her of experience that would’ve enhanced her readiness and credibility as a future presidential candidate.
  • Resigning now cheapens her existing experience, allowing critics to suggest she sought the governorship merely as a stepping stone to higher office.

I’ve not been one hoping or encouraging Palin to run, because I don’t yet  think she’s ready. But she could’ve gotten ready.

This is an attractive woman, possessing political ambition and savvy, whose magnetism and appealing life story enabled her to touch a chord with public audiences. Notwithstanding some harsh attacks from Democrats and some former McCain staffers, she has always had an enormous amount of potential.

My prescription for Palin would have been to return home to Alaska immediately after the presidential election, govern to the best of her ability for the duration of her term, all the while studying national policy issues. Then, opt against seeking a second term, and begin laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign.

She may not be over and done with, but I believe this decision has seriously harmed her ultimate chances of ever becoming president. Nonetheless, she has surprised before. Can she do it again?

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