Obama offers quick support to ousted Honduran leader

The Drudge Report’s current headline reads: OBAMA: HONDURAS COUP ‘NOT LEGAL’

According to the AP story: “President Barack Obama says the weekend ouster of Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya was a “not legal” coup and that he remains the country’s president.”

Zelaya is aligned with leftist dictator and Obama supporter, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.  He has been pushing to remain in power past his current term in office, engaging in illegal actions to do so. In May of 2007 the BBC reported that “Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has ordered all the country’s TV and radio stations to carry government propaganda for two hours a day.” All very democratic, no?

I’m not defending the coup, but I find interesting the fact that Obama would quickly jump to defend – in the name of democracy – a left wing, Chavez-aligned leader in Honduras who was potentially maneuvering to install himself as a dictator, in light of his slowness to react to clear violations of democratic principles in Iran.

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