Long live The Funk! Efforts end to oust mayor

Good riddance.

I don’t share Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser’s views on a number of issues, but I think in many ways he’s probably the best mayor Kansas City could hope to get. The incessant political attacks on him since his election are petty and pathetic, and hopefully this marks a new moment to move on in KC civic life – at least to a degree, at least for a time.

I grew up in KCMO proper and still consider the area home. There are so many things the city should be focusing on over and above these squabbles. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns.

Kansas City – like so many other cities – has been in trouble for a long time. Some things have changed for the better in recent years, but there is still an incredible amount of work to be done. The genie is out of the bottle as far as recapturing all that the city could have been had not all the growth started to move south decades ago, but recent widespread, public interest and apparent success of city center revitalization efforts  nationally portends well for remaining possibilities for our fair city of fountains.

My mom repeatedly told me growing up that anything I said should be both true and kind. If it wasn’t both, it shouldn’t be said. Well, I don’t know if there’s a nice way to say this, so I’ll just say it as truthfully as possible and hope that makes up for any lack of kindness: If only the type of hacks who launch a recall effort like this would realize how lame and insignificant they are as political actors, and how destructive are their petty, divisive, self-aggrandizing efforts, then Kansas City would be a lot better off. Now and in the long run, because you know this stuff never ends.

BTW: this goes for KCMO school board, too. How many superintendents in how many years?

Sorry, Mom.


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