Left engages pre-emption strategy on Sotomayor

The Left is continuing the drum beat against conservatives and Republicans on the Sotomayor nomination. Democrats, liberal activists and some of their friends in the media are going on offense pre-emptively as a means of mounting a defense.

The message is totally focused on the Republican response, and not on Sotomayor herself. Nearly every personality appearing on MSNBC for the last 48 hours, it seems, is saying the exact same thing: That Republicans are attacking Sotomayor, and that they are politically foolish to do so.The party line has been established.

Within this message, there is a second point being made: the Left is taking examples of conservative voices (like Rush Limbaugh) calling Sotomayor a racist, and mistranslating that into an attack on her race and gender. It’s a dishonest, misleading and not even an incredibly sophisticated tactic, but as the old line goes, if you repeat something loudly and often enough people start believing it.

Much more on this later. Principally Political will follow this nomination debate closely, with no holds barred commentary, so come back often. I expect Sotomayor to make it to the Supreme Court, but a deliberate examination of her record and qualifications is needed, and a thorough, honest and open debate should be had.

Post Script: The race-baiting needs to stop right now. I have less and less tolerance for the use of the race card as a means of shutting down debate at every level of public discourse in this country. I have begun to call people out on this publicly, and will continue to do so as assertively and as articulately as I am able.

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