I just ordered a pizza……

from the Philippines.

I just  took a break from some work for a quick moment to order a pizza for later this evening.

Detecting a slight accent on the part of my young, female order-taker, I asked at the end of the call where she was located. Pausing, she first says, “Well, actually Sir this is a centralized order-center for Pizza Hut.”

“I understand that,” I exclaimed politely, “but where are you located?” I repeated. “We are in the Philippines,” she said kindly but reluctantly.

Wow. It truly is a small world, and globalization is reaching more and more into our daily lives.

(I’m surprised she told me, that’s probably against the company’s policy, but we had developed a nice rapport during the couple minutes it took to take my order. The real telltale sign was when she couldn’t communicate with me in detail about appetizer wings!).

It might annoy some that their pizza order-takers are in the Philippines.  All things being equal, sure it’d be nice to know I’m calling the actual Pizza Hut where my pizza will come from. Personally, I care most about the service and the value.

P.S. I used to work as a delivery driver for this very same Pizza Hut. They haven’t figured out a way to outsource that task from Leawood, Kansas to the Phillipines – yet!

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