Quick take on Supreme Court nomination

Most of the discussion moving forward will center around appointment confirmation politics, but let’s take a quick look back at the nomination politics. A number of other names were floated, but in the end, Sonya Sotomayor proved irresistible to President Barack Obama because:

1. She’s Hispanic. *

2. She’s a woman.

3. She’s young.

4. She’s decidedly liberal.

Other reasons include:

5. Her experience. *

6. Her “compelling life story.”*

Some are saying she’ll be the first Hispanic to serve on the high court if confirmed. In fact, that may be in dispute (I believe it was Benjamin Cardoza who some say was the first Hispanic to serve on SCOTUS). She’s the third woman, so there’s no “trailblazing” being done here, although feminists in the Democrat base will certainly be thrilled.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) was on MSNBC this morning and made clear that this process should be a methodical one. He also expressed concern about her jurisprudence and philosophy of law.

I’m glad to see Hatch out early on this. I wouldn’t expect him to be opposed right away – that wouldn’t be prudent, from either a substantive or political basis, in his position. But hopefully his comments are a reflection of a willingness to go to the mat on the part of the Senate GOP, if that proves necessary.

* Not that any of these factors mattered to Democrats who blocked the promotion of Judge Miguel Estrada during the Bush years. Just remember that the next time a left wing activist groups insinuates racism during this nomination process.

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  1. Chris Ikenberry

    I think partisan Republicans don’t realize that they are projecting themselves unto the Democrats (again). Sotomayor is qualified and young and is political gold in so many different ways. It’s not like this lady received a F from the American bar association like Thomas and also lets not forget about the Republicans recent moves with Michael Steele and Sarah Palin who are not fit to hold their current important positions and were obviously only chosen because of their demographic appeals. If Sotomayor had the ability of any the Republican individuals mentioned above you would have a point but she has proven herself in life as an exceptionally bright individual. Sotomayor will be confirmed and it would behoove the Republicans to avoid shooting themselves politically in the foot on this issue, because they need to stay political viable to keep the Democratic party in check. By the way the all important pro-life advocates are also quelled by this pick because of her previous rulings that favored their position and she has also had a very corporate friendly record which will also serve to catalyze her nomination. Sotomayor appears to be a match to the beliefs of her predecessor Souter. Conservatives should be happy with the current occupancy of the Supreme court anyways which has been veered sharply to the ideological right.

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