See “Earth”

(Image provided by Disney for public use)

(Image provided by Disney for public use)

This evening I saw Earth, the movie. With names like Discovery, Disney and BBC attached to the project I figured it would be a solid production. It definitely lived up to my expectations.

While the film fit neatly into the documentary category, it managed to incorporate great story lines as well. Viewers followed a family of polar bears, a herd of elephants and a pair of whales on their respective journeys through the seasons of life.

(Image provided by Disney for public use)

(Image provided by Disney for public use)

Splicing back and forth between the stories, a sweeping range of stunning images filled the screen. Earth is an engrossing movie illustrating an amazing planet where enduring, epic themes link humanity and the rest of the natural world.

James Earl Jones lends the deft richness of his voice as narrator; the score was wonderful; and through the stories we encounter conflict and comedy, suspense and sadness, trials and triumph.

(Image provided by Disney for public use)

(Image provided by Disney for public use)

There was of course a warning against global warming, but it wasn’t heavy handed or overtly political. And while there was no mention of a Creator, Earth displays His creation in awe-inspiring fashion.

If all that wasn’t enough, Earth is entertaining, informative and family-friendly. Go see it on the big screen – you’ll be glad you did!



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3 responses to “See “Earth”

  1. Brian Johnson

    I saw the Soloist as well – actually, at a sneak preview, I felt pretty special! – and really enjoyed that. To me it displayed Jamie Foxx’s three dimensional acting abilities.

    I do recall seeing some of the clips of Earth on Discovery Channel before watching the film. Didn’t take anything away from it for me, however. Penguins definitely rocked!

  2. Ooh! The Soloist, number one good choice πŸ™‚ Earth, again, the entire series on the Discover Channel was amazing. I am a particular fan of “March of the Penguins” but happened to think all too highly of Earth. At one time, I did consider becoming a photojournalist and working for NG, so that bears the strongest appeal of any of their projects of late. There’s no way you could defy the God Element in all of creation even after the well-presented and narrated facts. Is Earth not just the simplex of innovative and devine thought?!

  3. Nancy Johnson

    Dear Brian,

    So glad you liked it. I bacame interested through the posters when I saw “The Soloist” two weekends ago. Unfortunately, when I tried to see it last weekend, it had already closed in Lincoln. Now, after your review, I feel even worse about missing it on the first go-around. Ah, here’s to Redbox.



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