The end of American exceptionalism

America has always been unique among nations. No longer. The historical uniqueness and greatness of the United States lives on only in history books; her present exceptionalism only in the hearts of those who love the idea that has always been her.

Lest you think this a dour overstatement of fact, consider today’s announcement from American car-manufacturing icon General Motors.  Entering bankruptcy, the company intends (see Reuters) to make a quick sale of remaining healthy assets to the federal government. This on top of already extensive involvement by the same, including loans and credit lines, strategic decision-making interference, and layers of wide-ranging, draconian regulations.

The government, already owners of an increasing share of large corporations and entire industries, could own much of what is now GM.

President Barack Obama (

President Barack Obama (

America is supposed to be a land of “free markets and free people,” to borrow a phrase from the Wall Street Journal. The world doesn’t need another European economy, and to get an idea of where America is headed if we continue to head down this road of socialization, just look at the political, economic and cultural stagnation that now mires that continent.

Where does it all stop? It doesn’t, in Obama’s mind. Think about that until the next time you visit this blog.


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