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Left engages pre-emption strategy on Sotomayor

The Left is continuing the drum beat against conservatives and Republicans on the Sotomayor nomination. Democrats, liberal activists and some of their friends in the media are going on offense pre-emptively as a means of mounting a defense.

The message is totally focused on the Republican response, and not on Sotomayor herself. Nearly every personality appearing on MSNBC for the last 48 hours, it seems, is saying the exact same thing: That Republicans are attacking Sotomayor, and that they are politically foolish to do so.The party line has been established.

Within this message, there is a second point being made: the Left is taking examples of conservative voices (like Rush Limbaugh) calling Sotomayor a racist, and mistranslating that into an attack on her race and gender. It’s a dishonest, misleading and not even an incredibly sophisticated tactic, but as the old line goes, if you repeat something loudly and often enough people start believing it.

Much more on this later. Principally Political will follow this nomination debate closely, with no holds barred commentary, so come back often. I expect Sotomayor to make it to the Supreme Court, but a deliberate examination of her record and qualifications is needed, and a thorough, honest and open debate should be had.

Post Script: The race-baiting needs to stop right now. I have less and less tolerance for the use of the race card as a means of shutting down debate at every level of public discourse in this country. I have begun to call people out on this publicly, and will continue to do so as assertively and as articulately as I am able.


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I just ordered a pizza……

from the Philippines.

I just  took a break from some work for a quick moment to order a pizza for later this evening.

Detecting a slight accent on the part of my young, female order-taker, I asked at the end of the call where she was located. Pausing, she first says, “Well, actually Sir this is a centralized order-center for Pizza Hut.”

“I understand that,” I exclaimed politely, “but where are you located?” I repeated. “We are in the Philippines,” she said kindly but reluctantly.

Wow. It truly is a small world, and globalization is reaching more and more into our daily lives.

(I’m surprised she told me, that’s probably against the company’s policy, but we had developed a nice rapport during the couple minutes it took to take my order. The real telltale sign was when she couldn’t communicate with me in detail about appetizer wings!).

It might annoy some that their pizza order-takers are in the Philippines.  All things being equal, sure it’d be nice to know I’m calling the actual Pizza Hut where my pizza will come from. Personally, I care most about the service and the value.

P.S. I used to work as a delivery driver for this very same Pizza Hut. They haven’t figured out a way to outsource that task from Leawood, Kansas to the Phillipines – yet!

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Why Limbaugh matters.

There are endless political email lists, but there’s only a few I actually make a point of reading nearly every day. Rush Limbaugh‘s is one of them, especially if I haven’t been able to listen to the show that day.

Today’s was exceptionally important, so I’m going to take the unprecedented step of  posting it in full. To keep things kosher, I’ve included the sponsor messages.

I don’t listen to conservative talk radio as much as I used to, and I’m not a Rush clone. However, I love Rush and continue to relish his voice as one of the most engaging and consequential on the political spectrum today. He brings incredible insight (see below) to a chaotic, convoluted process and and is resolute and articulate in his conservative convictions.

All of that is why now more than ever, Rush matters.

If you don’t listen to Rush, start. In Kansas City, you can listen from 11-2 on 980 AM KMBZ, or on the station’s website. You can also get a Rush 24-7 membership and listen to uninterrupted show recordings anytime.

On Today’s Show…

Rush Predicted the Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court Nomination in 1997!
Rush warned Senate Republicans to block Sotomayor’s appeals court appointment in 1997 because she was an ultra-lib on a “rocket ship” to the high court. (Rush 24/7 Members:  Listen)
RINOs Want Us to Wave White Flag on Sotomayor and Embrace Obama
Moderates want to throw in the towel and hand the country to the left because opposing Obama and Sotomayor will make Hispanic voters mad. (Rush 24/7 Members:  Listen)
» Mark McKinnon in The Daily Beast: The GOP’s Suicide Mission

“If the Republican Party wants to allow itself to get trapped in the premise that it is racist and sexist and must show the world that it’s not, then the GOP is extinct. ” — Rush Limbaugh

Sotomayor Nomination is Golden Opportunity to Expose Obama’s Radicalism
In a 2001 radio interview, Obama explained his views on how the Supreme Court should be used to redistribute wealth. This nomination is a chance to highlight Barack Obama’s anger, narcissism, and negative view of this country’s founding and Constitution. (Rush 24/7 Members:  Listen)
The State of the Republican Party, 2009:
“The GOP is today’s oppressed minority. It knows how to behave as one. It shuts up. It doesn’t run into the Bull Connors of the Democrat Party. It’s afraid of the fire hoses and the dogs. It’s compliant. Republicans know their place. They go to the back of the bus.” — Rush Limbaugh

Cynical Obama Uses Hispanics: Where’s the immigration reform you promised?

Sonia Sotomayor’s America: Rush rewrites Ted Kennedy’s vicious Senate floor speech, delivered just 45 minutes after Ronald Reagan nominated Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court in 1987.

General Patton Quote #1: “If everybody’s thinking alike, somebody isn’t thinking.”
General Patton Quote #2: “Pressure makes diamonds.”
Rush’s Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page…
» US Military Prepared to Stay in Iraq for Decade » Public Not Happy with Obama Auto Takeover
» Dems Look to National Sales Tax » Proof Supply-Side Works: IRS Tax Revenue Plunges
» Is Obama Closing Republican-Owned Car Dealers? » Tax Drives Maryland Millionaires Away
» Steelers’ Hines Ward Thrilled by Day with Obama » Mrs. Clinton’s Press Conference on N. Korea

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Krauthammer, Will on Sotomayor

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer weighs in on President Barack Obama‘s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

George Will notes of Sotomayor, that “like conventional liberals, she embraces identity politics, including the idea of categorical representation.”

Unsurprisingly, the more I learn of this nominee – and it’s really, really early – the more I dislike the idea of her as a member of the high court.

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Quick take on Supreme Court nomination

Most of the discussion moving forward will center around appointment confirmation politics, but let’s take a quick look back at the nomination politics. A number of other names were floated, but in the end, Sonya Sotomayor proved irresistible to President Barack Obama because:

1. She’s Hispanic. *

2. She’s a woman.

3. She’s young.

4. She’s decidedly liberal.

Other reasons include:

5. Her experience. *

6. Her “compelling life story.”*

Some are saying she’ll be the first Hispanic to serve on the high court if confirmed. In fact, that may be in dispute (I believe it was Benjamin Cardoza who some say was the first Hispanic to serve on SCOTUS). She’s the third woman, so there’s no “trailblazing” being done here, although feminists in the Democrat base will certainly be thrilled.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) was on MSNBC this morning and made clear that this process should be a methodical one. He also expressed concern about her jurisprudence and philosophy of law.

I’m glad to see Hatch out early on this. I wouldn’t expect him to be opposed right away – that wouldn’t be prudent, from either a substantive or political basis, in his position. But hopefully his comments are a reflection of a willingness to go to the mat on the part of the Senate GOP, if that proves necessary.

* Not that any of these factors mattered to Democrats who blocked the promotion of Judge Miguel Estrada during the Bush years. Just remember that the next time a left wing activist groups insinuates racism during this nomination process.

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Netanyahu to Obama: “No.”

“Netanyahu defies Obama,” started the Reuters headline linked to on Drudge this evening.

At least somebody’s doing it, I immediately thought.The Israeli leader is not rolling over for Obama, who wants to stop so called “settlement growth” in Israel’s West Bank. Lay off it, Mr. President.

That’s all for tonight. I’m about to do some reading and then hopefully watch True Colors – one of the best political movies of all time.

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Kindergarten parents complain that rules apply to them

A group of public school kindergartners showed up at the White House more than an hour late yesterday for a tour, and were disturbed and in disbelief that the White House would not rearrange its schedule to accommodate their own tardiness.

This according to NBC News (via Drudge Report)- who to their discredit played up the angle of the White House snubbing little kids, as opposed to an elementary school snubbing the White House and the children the school allegedly serves.

Conway Elementary School is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia and is part of the Stafford County Public School District. According to Google Directions, the school is located 50.1 miles away from the White House, for a driving time of 59 minutes or 1 hours 20 minutes in traffic.

For an appointment to the White House, you do not arrive late. Period. The school officials and charter bus company they hired should have allowed for traffic, weather and other contingencies with enough time to still be early. There is simply no excuse for tardiness, and it is a shame that the kids missed out on a special visit to the White House because of poor planning by adults.

The worst thing about it is the adults’ reaction when they realized that they had missed their appointment.

Parents, like field trip chaperon Paty Stine: downplayed and even misrepresented their own tardiness; expressed anger and disappointment at the White House for sticking to the schedule; made excuses about why they were late; focused attention on disappointed children rather than their own actions that caused the disappointment; said that they were entitled to an exception from the rules; claimed victim status; mocked the President of the United States; and even had the presence of mind to indulge in a little rhetorical class-warfare.

The sad thing is that some of these kindergartners may grow up to be just like Paty Stine, if she is the type of parent and chaperon to be found at Conway Elementary School. The school’s website offers added context to the words and behaviors of the adults. The page of “Effective Schoolwide [sic] Discipline” makes not a single mention of punctuality or ramifications of tardiness. Instead, young Conway Cougars are encouraged to “respect others,” have a “positive attitude” and be “accepting of differences.”

The White House issued a gracious, yet carefully worded statement that did not give in to the elementary school-style bullying directed their way. “The President and First Lady are dedicated to opening the doors of the White House to the public, and it is unfortunate to see young people miss a tour. The visitor’s office is already working to reschedule the group.” I don’t say this often, but “Good Job, Obama White House.”

Post Script: Being punctual is important, and I have had my own struggles with it. While I have made monumental improvements and am now generally a punctual person, I still have a little ways to go to always be punctual – even for the little things in life’s schedule. A couple months ago I read an article by Dustin Wax which helped me better understand the significance of punctuality. I recommend it not only to the folks at Conway Elementary School (actually, I recommend they read it about 10 times each and nail it to the doors of their school), I encourage you, too, to consider reading it.


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