Must reading for “culture-warriors”

If you think you’re fighting the culture wars, you need to read this:

Jon Stewart and Kumar Go to Washington, D.C.

Andrew Breitbart writes in the Washington Times about his experience on The Daily Show, the Comedy Central program featuring comedian Jon Stewart. Breitbart made his name – at least to folks like me – as founder of his namesake website featuring news without distractions. Recently, he’s become a more vocal and visible part of popular political discourse: I’ve heard him fill in as host of the Savage Nation  (Michael Savage‘s nationwide radio program), he helped launch Big Hollywood, he’s been a more frequent cable TV guest, including this recent appearance on Comedy Central.

He still has a relatively low profile, but he’s the type of guy conservatives should be glad is out there making the rounds. Informed, serious, fairly young, in tune but not in thrall with modern popular culture.

He has it right on with Stewart: the guy has been an unrelenting attacker of conservatism and the Republican Party since he started, and he has successfully damaged the movement and party’s image.

If you’re over thirty, there’s a good chance you’re not up on Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert (col-bear…think French). Basically, they both are comedy shows geared towards current events, featuring some host monologues, skits and interviews. They’re dripping with irony and sarcasm; the content is edgy and clever.

I have friends who get most of their political news from these shows. That’s a scary fact, considering the views and objectives of the hosts. Anyway, read the Breitbart column, and be informed.

I don’t know what hope there is for countering Stewart and Colbert. Red Eye on Fox News may be the closest thing to a neutral, let alone conservative, irreverent comedy type current events program. And again, that’s not even a decidedly conservative show, rather it’s merely that it gives conservative viewpoints a fair hearing on political topics. Dennis Miller would be an example of where conservatives are offering something counter, but beyond that, it’s hard to think of anything.

In any event, if the GOP wants to stay relevant with young voters and other large segments of the population it better hope conservatism can come up with something to counter the likes of Stewart and Colbert.


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