Best of the web…

Well, best of what I’ve been surfing the last 24 hours or so at least!

Cleaver goes ga-ga over Castro: E. Thomas McClanahan, the imminently sensible columnist at the Kansas City Star, writes on Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver’s recent visit to communist Cuba. I have a draft in progress on this topic as we speak. (Including what questions the KC Star could have asked the Congressman, but probably didn’t).

Two examples of why Evangelicalism is no longer a relevant force in U.S. culture: Tony Felich – local theologian and pastor, barbeque critic, cultural commentator and player-coach of RPC United – notes Joel Osteen and Rick Warren‘s inability or unwillingness to stand decisively for marriage in two recent tv interviews.

It’s Your Country, Too, Mr. President: Charles Krauthammer examines the misguided silliness that filled Mr. Obama’s trip to Europe.

Obama doubles down on the bow to the King: Thomas Lifson of the American Thinker does a foresnic analysis of the bow and takes the White House to task for their dishonest response to the ensuing  criticism. (More comprehensive, but not dissimilar to my earlier piece on this topic).

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