If I hadn’t told you, now seems like a good time

Friends and family know that I worked for the John McCain campaign during the general election, for a time anyway. Most also know me as a conservative, and probably realized he wasn’t my first choice during the primary.

Beyond just a job offer, I had another simple motivating factor in working for McCain: you fight for your guy in the primary, and for your team’s guy in the general. That was, and is, my approach to electoral politics in a two party system.

Working and socializing in political circles, I sometimes found it prudent not to immediately reveal my vote during or after the primary. As the primaries move into history, I feel comfortable to announce more freely that I supported Mitt Romney.  These days, I regard my support as something of a badge of honor – or at least of good political decision-making.

As economic issues continue to dominate, it becomes obvious that Romney would have been a natural standard-bearer for the Party right now. Had he been the nominee during the last couple months of the election when the economy became all-important, he also would have been an imminently better candidate than McCain to take on Obama.

In fact, while establishment figures and party moderates were joined by GOP politicos (operatives, strategists, consultants, staffers, etc.) in maintaining that ‘McCain might just be the only guy who could win this thing for us,’ in fact it was Romney who might have been the only guy who could have won. (This ventures into a whole other topic…but suffice it to say that beyond the economic issue, I believe he would have campaigned more aggressively and effectively against Obama).

Romney doesn’t have a perfect record and isn’t a perfect candidate. But just about every day now, I wish it had been him representing our Party and serving our nation during today’s difficult economic times.


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