My brief absence, and some milestones for Principally Political

Dear Readers,

Please forgive my absence these last 48 hours. Life and love interrupted my work. I eagerly anticipate returning to my normal posting routine today, meaning at least one or more posts a day.

I should let you know that Principally Political is marking three major milestones:

  • We are closing in on our first 100 DAYS. It was three months ago to the day, on December 18 of last year, when I welcomed you aboard.
  • I have now written over 100 POSTS, averaging more than one a day and posting consistently nearly ever day since the launch.
  • Last week for the first time, the site reached well over 100 VISITORS on a single day. This is a small figure considering what I believe is attainable, but nonetheless it represents steady growth.

brian-t-johnsonI’ve learned a lot just in this short period of time (see my “welcome aboard” post, linked above….I can honestly say I’ve made progress in meeting each of these goals, although much work remains), and look forward to learning a great deal more. The opportunity to improve and grow is unlimited.

I look forward to laying out some new goals in the very near future, especially in terms of new technology to integrate into the site, a more defined coverage focus and increased visibility and traffic flow.

Thanks for your readership and your support. As always, please don’t hesitate to share with me your thoughts and opinions regarding the blog, including constructive criticism. Reach me at or add your two cents in the Comments section.


Brian T. Johnson

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