More on South Park

Last night I reviewed the season premiere of South Park as the show entered its thirteenth season. The show was not available online at the time of posting, although you can now watch the episode at South Park Studios.

I realized after I posted that the show was probably not yet available online because it aired at 9pm in each different time zone. It probably didn’t air until the East Coast equivalent of midnight or so on the West Coast. (Somebody correct me if I’m wrong).

Many fans will probably agree that the show has one of the better online viewing sites around, in terms of its completeness (every show is archived by season and available free of charge), picture quality and streaming capability.

I’m also interested in anybody’s opinion on the book South Park Conservatives, by Brian C. Anderson. A family member asked me yesterday, “isn’t the show pretty liberal?” I responded that while its humor is rather base and it includes organized religion among its satirical targets, on the whole it is basically libertarian in its premise.

The term “South Park conservative” refers to the instinctual, strongly assertive anti-politically correct themes that run throughout many episodes. But I haven’t read South Park Conservatives, so if you have, feel free to drop me a note on the subject at


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