CNN masters Newspeak

This is a perfect example of left wing media bias. Here’s a headline from the cable network’s website earlier today:

Obama moves to separate politics and science

By this, CNN meant that President Barack Obama has done the exact opposite, in moving to use taxpayer dollars to subsidize embryonic stem cell research. This headline is wrong on a number of levels. It starts from the assumption that a government presence is the norm, the standard. ‘Of course government should be funding embryonic stem cell research, and if it’s not, well that’s just Bush injecting politics into science!’

Yet, to fund such research publicly is the definition of injecting politics and science. Any economic or societal sector controlled by the government, is, by definition, politicized. Yet CNN states the exact opposite.

In the first line of the piece, CNN repeats the old lie that President George W. Bush imposed legal limits on stem cell research. He did not. Rather, it is true that the Bush administration – the first to ever make available any federal funding for any stem cell research – did not see fit to use taxpayer dollars for wide-ranging embryonic stem cell research.

I feel like I do a pretty good job of not nit-picking the mainstream media for every little shred of ideological bias in their reporting. It’s a tired act, and you’ve got to pick your battles. This headline today, however, was quite jarring. To know that people actually watch and read CNN without filtering everything being said, is an alarming notion.


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