A wise man once said:

“Rush, I’m sorry.” Or something along those lines.

The man is Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican National Committee. And he was quickly putting a lid on the kerfuffle that threatened discord between him and conservative talk-master Rush Limbaugh.

It’s never good for a major Republican to have an ongoing beef with a conservative movement icon like Limbaugh. Just ask John McCain. More significantly, it’s bad for GOP.

It started when Steele refuted on CNN the notion that Rush is the de facto leader of the party. Calling him instead an entertainer, the chairman went on to say that the radio host’s commentary is “incendiary” and “ugly.”

Rush fired back on his program, saying of course he wasn’t leader of the party, and he wouldn’t want to be considering its failures and the shape its in. Then, Steele apologized. Apparently he phoned Rush personally, and then issued a statement.

NOTE: I’ve rushed (no pun intended) to finish this post because I’ve got a lot of other work to get to today….rest assured there’s a lot of good source material and video of the Steele comments (and some of Rush’s, as well)..check out Politico for some good coverage. The bottom line is that – now more than ever – it is in both individauls’ and the party’s best interest that these two central figures in the GOP are getting along. Rush is going to keep doing what he’s doing, no matter what. Steele has a different role, and that’s fine. Rush has been and will continue to be an ideological leader of the conservative movement and of the GOP, and Steele is tasked with running an effective party operation and providing a voice of loyal opposition to the Democratic-controlled government. I hope there is good vibes between these two guys for years to come.


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