Here a Tea Party, there a Tea Party

Hundreds of citizens braved icy temperatures in Kansas City, Missouri yesterday to protest the government’s actions to socialize the economy. Objecting in particular to Sen. Claire McCaskill‘s (D-Missouri) vote in favor of President Barack Obama‘s massive spending package, the demonstrators staged a “tea party” in the fashion of early revolutionary patriots.

A number of similar events have been held throughout the state and nation in recent days. One participant was kind enough to email some photos from yesterday’s event:

In Kansas City, Missouri, citizens gathered in opposition to President Barack Obama's efforts to nationalize the economy

Citizens gathered near the J.C. Nichols Fountain to oppose President Obama's efforts to nationalize the economy

Beginning the march to Sen. Claire McCaskill's office

They then marched to Sen. Claire McCaskill's local office

Hundreds marched through snow and ice

Hundreds trekked in frigid conditions

Protestors demonstrated near Sen. McCaskill's office in Westport

Protesters demonstrated near Sen. McCaskill's office in Westport

If you have any more photos you’d like to share, please send them my way and I’ll consider posting them. If you were there (or even if you weren’t), please share any of your personal observations in the comments section!

I can only hope that such efforts will continue. Ace – the individual who sent me the photos – estimated that about 200 people showed up for the event. If that many will show up on the first day of snow in months, then that’s good news for future such events.

The Kansas City Star covered the event here. In the small piece devoted to the event, the newspaper did not publish any photos (unless they ran some in the print edition).



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4 responses to “Here a Tea Party, there a Tea Party

  1. Brian Johnson

    Hi Linda,

    I will genuinely try to remember to notify you personally if I hear of another one of these coming up. If you visit my website regularly, then you won’t miss it because I will be sure to post an announcement with all the details!


  2. Linda Copeland

    I am sorry that I missed it. Please let me know when there is another one

    Linda Copeland
    8901 Mohawk Rd
    Leawood, Ks 66206


  3. Brian Johnson

    Absolutely, Bob. The larger these protests become, the more our elected officials will listen. It starts with staying informed and spreading the word to others about what is happening. Keep spreading the word, and keep supporting such protests.

  4. Bob Cooper

    I totally support any peaceful protests toward what is going on in our government. Things are out of control and leadership is absent.

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