“A Radical Presidency”

A must-read column, from Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal. (More Henninger, on video.)

It’s scary that we (and by that I mean Obama voters, of course) got ourselves into this mess…..will the nation ever be able to recover from what Obama plans to do it?

But hey, don’t worry – the powerful Mr. Obama is going to provide for:

Peggy’s gas and mortgage….

Henrietta’s house…

and Julio’s welfare benefits…



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2 responses to ““A Radical Presidency”

  1. Brian Johnson


    Your comment is ill-informed and ill-willed. I’m letting it stand because it is a commenatry unto itself on the nature of your cause and character.

    Nonetheless, thanks for stopping by.

  2. kpsilverman

    Just because a few ignorant morons voted for Barack doesn’t mean he’s one of them. Thank god for those idiots, or else we’d be watching President McCain soil his diaper as he tried to deal with the economic crisis. That is if we were killed in a nuclear holocaust by now.

    Obama’s just trying to clean up after Bush’s mess, which the American public never knew the full extent of because of the widespread secrecy and misinformation campaign they practiced. Now that Obama is being responsible, accountable, and truthful, people like you are already turning against him. I find that despicable.

    Please read and learn about the issues you’re trying to talk about – kpsilverman.wordpress.com. it will do you good.

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