Kansas City entrepreneur highlighted (vote in the poll!)

Brian Laoruangroch, founder of Green Mobile

Brian Laoruangroch, founder of Green Mobile

Inc. Magazine is profiling young entrepreneurs in a feature called The Coolest College Startups. Among the nine individuals is Kansas City’s own Brian Laoruangroch, who attended the University of Missouri. I was at Mizzou with Brian, and although we didn’t know each other well, I’ve observed his career from a distance and have gotten a chance to get acquainted with him.

Brian’s company, Green Mobile, deals in refurbished mobile phones. They buy, sell, trade and repair, saving customers real bucks.  A few weeks ago, I needed a new battery for my Treo 750. I was pleased to learn Green Mobile had recently opened up a shop in Westport. I greeted Brian upon entering the store, and he sold me a replacement battery at a tremendous price. Every other store I called wanted about $40 – if they even had the battery in stock – but Brian sold me 2 for a total of about $20.

Consider voting for Green Mobile in Inc.com’s poll, to recognize Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit and success and give a boost to Kansas City’s own. I’ll also say that while there are of course some other worthy young entrepreneurs in the mix, Green Mobile is more creative and exciting than some of the other companies profiled. Good luck, Green Mobile Man!

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