Fairness Doctrine update

On Wednesday, Fox News reported that President Barack Obama opposes re-instating the Fairness Doctrine. Here is today’s Fairness Doctrine news:

Given the issue’s importance and recent visibility, I may consider making this a regular morning feature. Please let me know what you think in the comments section, or by emailing me at brian.teague.johnson@gmail.com


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One response to “Fairness Doctrine update

  1. The Fairness Doctrine was a rule of the FCC. It required broadcast entities using the public airwaves to provide time for “responsible, opposing positions” if said broadcast entity presented an editorial. Pretty straightforward. Even simple. But, oh, so effective.

    Faux “News” wouldn’t be able to operate the way they do under the Fairness Doctrine. Oh, they could still operate. They could go “subscription”, like HBO. Alternately, they could actually broadcast a fair and balanced production but I don’t really think there’s any risk of that.

    St. Reagan put an end to enforcement of the Fairness Doctrine, along with rules limiting ownership of media outlets, and the result has been much damage to this nation. Now that moneyed interests control most of “the message”, it’s very easy for those interests to manipulate the understanding of a large number of otherwise normal (but really kinda dumb) Americans. (For the record, I define “really kinda dumb” as people who use ‘wrong-means-keep-doing-the-same” as a guiding principle.)……………
    Mark Bacon
    (read the rest of this blog at the bacon press)

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