Bill Press didn’t get the memo

Liberal journalist Bill Press has been on the war path to shut down other people’s free speech rights. He penned a Washington Post column last week in favor of re-instating the Fairness Doctrine, only a few days after pressing the issue in an interview with Michigan Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow.

He must have not gotten the memo.

Bill, the Left has determined that its newest attempt to suppress political speech it disagrees with will be in the form of media ownership caps, or other similar efforts. Calling for a return of the actual “Fairness Doctrine” is so two years ago.

Speaking of the Doctrine: National Religious Broadcasters president Frank Wright warned at the group’s first convention since the November elections that that the new “regulatory arena and the legislative environment” are hostile to the proclamation of the gospel. While some Christians fear the doctrine could be used to undermine the message of their on-air programming,the NRB board declared that the organization will “obey the command of Christ to preach the gospel, even if human governments and institutions attempt to oppose, constrain, or prohibit it.”

The AP has the story Broadcasting and Cable had a more extensive piece with some Q&A with Wright.

While Democrats control the White House and both branches of Congress, we do have one thing going for us in this battle: Those under attack are those who do have a voice to speak out – indeed, they are targeted for that very reason. It’s good to see Wright and the NRB speaking out. Let all those who believe in the 1st Amendment do the same, before it is too late.


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