Your latest web questions, answered.

My friend Ben Hodge of Red County recently posted a Q & A he did with the people at FortHardKnox. I’ve been asking some of these same questions recently (involving Twitter, social networking sites, search engine optimization, etc.), and if you’d like to learn more about online marketing and media, maybe you have too.

As long as I’m talking technology, I will share with you a tip from my recent (learning) experiences in developing Principally Political: If you are going to purchase a domain name and think that you might also need independent hosting services, buy the hosting plan first, then buy the domain name.

If you’re going with a provider like GoDaddy, you can often receive a free or discounted domain name if you’ve already purchased hosting services with them. I learned the hard way and missed a chance to save eight bucks!

UPDATE (2:57 PM CST): Many sites offer plenty of knowledge for all those who care to ask and learn. Today I want to recognize Ajith Prasad Edassery of Dollar Shower for his insight, and willingness to answer questions I posted in response to his piece on Blogger vs. WordPress. Thanks, Ajith!


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