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Tea parties continue with large STL turnout

From John Combest, a round-up on yesterday’s St. Louis Tea Party, which as many as 1,500 people attended:

More pics from Shamed Dogan, who chronicled the event first hand.

And in Springfield, Missouri, again via Combest:

And in Kansas City, Missouri this morning, tea-partyers were expected to meet at the J.C. Nichols Fountain and march on to Sen. Claire McCaskill‘s district office, expressing opposition to her vote for the stimulus package.

The St. Louis, Springfield and Kansas City tea parties are part of a national response to Obama’s actions to increase government spending and expand the State. CNBC reporter Rick Santelli sparked the idea in his recent on-air rallying cry for freedom and capitalism in the face of threats from Obama.

Will these public demonstrations make a difference? The stimulus package has already passed, and Obama’s budget proposal looks as fat as it ever.

The impact of theses rallies, then,  is to chip away at Obama’s public facade, to take some of the sheen off his image. The rallies signal to the general public  that it’s not only okay criticize Obama – but that thousands are already taking to the streets to do so.

A PR impact – as opposed to a policy impact – may seem small consolation, but given the type of media coverage, still high (but declining) approval ratings and the general cult of personality Obama has enjoyed, these successful tea parties are of huge importance, and a good place from which to build opposition momentum.



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2012 CPAC poll, and early prognostication

CPAC is underway this weekend this weekend at Washington D.C.’s Omni-Shoreham Hotel. Among the highlights of the annual conservative gathering is the presidential straw poll, the results of which are revealed and dissected at the end of the conference.

CNN reports that this year’s choices include:

  • Florida Gov. Charlie Crist 
  • former House speaker Newt Gingrich
  • former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani
  • former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee
  • Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal
  • Texas Rep. Ron Paul
  • Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin
  • Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty
  • former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney
  • South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford
  • “Undecided”
  • Write-in candidate 

In my (very) early view on the 2012 GOP field, the candidates to watch right now are Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal and Mitt Romney.

Palin generated a lot of excitement among the base with her heartfelt social conservatism and her unbridled personal congeniality. Jindal is the new kid on the block whose natural assets are attracting a lot of attention: young, intelligent, successful, and a minority. Romney became the clear conservative alternative to McCain in 2008, and is positioning himself smartly for another run. He’s young, can raise money, and I don’t think it’s going out on a limb to say that he would have been a far more capable nominee than McCain to take on Obama on the eoncomy.

Pawlenty, Sanford and Crist could also rightly attract some attention. Most of the others have fatal flaws (Giuliani), have a built-ceiling (Paul) or won’t run in the first place (Gingrich).

The CPAC straw poll results should be announced Sunday. It will be an interesting indication of where much of the party’s base attentions and affections lie at the moment. But remember, it’s way too early to determine a front-runner.

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“A Radical Presidency”

A must-read column, from Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal. (More Henninger, on video.)

It’s scary that we (and by that I mean Obama voters, of course) got ourselves into this mess…..will the nation ever be able to recover from what Obama plans to do it?

But hey, don’t worry – the powerful Mr. Obama is going to provide for:

Peggy’s gas and mortgage….

Henrietta’s house…

and Julio’s welfare benefits…


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Obama sets his sights on Second Amendment

Did anyone seriously doubt that once elected, President Barack Obama would begin working to take away our rights as protected by the Second Amendment? ABC News reports that Attorney General Eric Holder has announced the administration will seek to outlaw semi-automatic firearms through the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban.”

Holder blamed rising violence along the Mexican border as one reason for the move. Will criminals and drug cartels  suddenly drop their weapons because of this new bill? Of course not. Will they stop buying weapons on the black market? Not a chance. But the law will probably prevent farmers, ranchers and other law-abiding Americans – like those on the border – from carrying such weapons for their own protection or enjoyment.

As some of you know, I am returning to school to earn a degree in political science. This semester I am taking American National Government at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. Several weeks ago, our instructor mocked gun shop owners, sportsman and other gun users and groups like the National Rifle Association, saying they were hyping Obama’s anti-gun intentions to scare people and push gun sales. This instructor laughed off the notion that Obama would go after guns. I pointed to his actual record on the issue, but I was lectured that he has more important things to do. The instructor was naive at best, intentionally misleading at worst.

Responding to the administration’s signal, NRA President Wayne LaPierre said “A semi-automatic is a quintessential self-defense firearm owned by American citizens in this country. I think it is clearly covered under Heller and it’s clearly, I think, protected by the Constitution.”

From a political standpoint, the silver lining here could be twofold:

1. Obama picks a fight with Second Amendment supporters, and loses, thereby wasting his political capitol.

2. Obama presses House leadership to bring this to a vote in the next two years, and forces Blue Dog Democrats and freshmen Dems from conservative-leaning districts to go on the record against guns rights, thereby harming their chances for re-election.

Said LaPierre, “I think there are a lot of Democrats on Capitol Hill cringing at Eric Holder’s comments right now.”

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Macho Sauce Productions….

Surfing the net, I eventually landed on a rant the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Liberal positions on the Fairness Doctrine and other issues are skewered entertainingly and enthusiastically. You’ve gotta watch this….

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Kansas City entrepreneur highlighted (vote in the poll!)

Brian Laoruangroch, founder of Green Mobile

Brian Laoruangroch, founder of Green Mobile

Inc. Magazine is profiling young entrepreneurs in a feature called The Coolest College Startups. Among the nine individuals is Kansas City’s own Brian Laoruangroch, who attended the University of Missouri. I was at Mizzou with Brian, and although we didn’t know each other well, I’ve observed his career from a distance and have gotten a chance to get acquainted with him.

Brian’s company, Green Mobile, deals in refurbished mobile phones. They buy, sell, trade and repair, saving customers real bucks.  A few weeks ago, I needed a new battery for my Treo 750. I was pleased to learn Green Mobile had recently opened up a shop in Westport. I greeted Brian upon entering the store, and he sold me a replacement battery at a tremendous price. Every other store I called wanted about $40 – if they even had the battery in stock – but Brian sold me 2 for a total of about $20.

Consider voting for Green Mobile in’s poll, to recognize Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit and success and give a boost to Kansas City’s own. I’ll also say that while there are of course some other worthy young entrepreneurs in the mix, Green Mobile is more creative and exciting than some of the other companies profiled. Good luck, Green Mobile Man!

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Pence on Heritage Foundation live stream

experimenting here, I believe…feed is decent. Watching Rep. Mike Pence (R-Indiana) speak right now.

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