Kansas: “Woman’s Right to Know and See” introduced

Rep. Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe) has introduced pro-life legislation in the Kansas legislature, announcing the bill Monday at a capitol press conference in Topeka. The eight page piece of legislation, titled The Woman’s Right to Know and See, currently has 38 co-sponsors.

HB 2076 would:

  • Require that 24 hours prior to an abortion, pregnant mothers be provided a list of free sonogram locations along with information on free counseling assistance and perinatal hospice services.
  • Require that 30 minutes prior to an abortion, pregnant mothers must be offered a copy of the sonogram and a chance to hear the baby’s heartbeat.
  • Require abortion clincs to post signage inside the building ensuring that pregnant women understand their rights.
  • Require the state to produce a “standard information video,” and website including a series of ultrasound images of a developing baby.

Kinzer is an articulate pro-life voice and chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and this bill figures to be the major pro-life vehicle this session. Even if it does pass both chambers, however, it awaits Governor Kathleen Sebelius‘s desk, who vetoed anti-abortion legislation last year. The thinking is surely to continue to fight the good fight and simply force the governor to veto, if that is what she chooses to do.

Given that this bill simply guarantees access to information and free services, however, this may be a tougher veto for Sebelius. If the bill were to become law it would be an incremental victory and advance for the pro-life movement. In that sense this approach is strategic and subtle. Yet, for legislation centered on access to information and full disclosure, it is fairly comprehensive, and in that sense, quite aggressive.

Stay tuned for updates…

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