Collectivism ushers in “leader worship”

A serious thought for today:

The further we move towards collectivism, the more we will idolize those who lead and direct our collectivist efforts.

I have maintained as a political theory, anthropological observation and theological analysis that an individual can – and will – worship one of three things:

The LORD – Or some divine being. Those with an abiding faith in a supernatural power fall into this category.

The IndividualAyn Rand, for example, through her theory of Objectivism, exalted Self, the Individual. Single, solitary Man was her idol. (Incidentally, I believe that the Soviets got the last laugh on Rand, given her embrace of their atheism.)

Humanity – Like those building the Tower of Babel, today’s collectivists exalt humanity’s ability to achieve perfection through cooperative effort.

As the American societal worldview slowly moves from faith in God to faith in Humankind, the LORD will be replaced by the Leader of collectivist efforts as the object of our worship. While America has not yet fully reached this point, the manifestations of fascination and mass adulation of our new leader suggest the nation has succumbed at least in part to this tendency.


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  1. Anonymous

    a scary thought…

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